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Bible for Busy People

In today's fast paced world, many find it difficult to indulge in the reading habit. The only time that a typical executive finds to read anything is while traveling or maybe while waiting at the Doctor's office.

Imagine carrying the Bible with you always so that you can catch a verse or two. But these 6 volumes (4 Old Testament & 2 New Testament) are individually easy to carry and you can finish an entire volume in just 3 days even you just allocate your spare time to read them. This means you can go over the entire Bible in just 18 days. And since it is in the Picture Strip form (Comic Style), the material is made more interesting and it engages you. It also has references to the Bible Chapter/s and Verses so that one can refer to the Bible for deeper understanding.

There is no other book like this, which also goes into the historical information related to the Bible but not part of the Bible. And, this makes it a very interesting read. One can even move on to the Bible from here. Actually the Bible comes alive once you know most of the characters and events of the Bible.

Get started on the biggest journey of your life with the Greatest Story Ever Told.