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Silent Evangelism

Workplace Evangelism:

The JESUS volume is an easy tool that can be handed over to anyone you like. In a secular environment, one finds it real hard to talk to someone about your faith, let alone hand over a Bible to a spiritually needy person. But, when you have this little Red book in your cubicle/desk/corner office (whatever), it only looks like a friendly gesture when you hand it over to someone to check it out. Even when you are not sure about handing out these, just stack a few visibly on your desk and watch as people passing by just pick it up out of curiosity. Nobody gets offended when you give a co-worker this "comic book" which is actually the Gospel laid in neat Picture Strip form.

Neighborhood Evangelism:

Just imagine walking over to your next-door neighbor who you have not spoken to in a long time and start talking about your faith? Sounds impossible? But you can do this very act, by just walking over and handing over this innocuous looking Picture Bible and ask him or her to check it out. This has been done in our mostly Hindu neighborhood in Chennai, India. Not one person has refused it when offered.

Travel Evangelism:

Have you been bored to death sitting in an Airport Lounge, Railway Station or a Bus Stop waiting or even probably while on travel. You can spend it meaningfully by reading these volumes and even sharing it with total strangers. We have found this to be an effective icebreaker and a great tool to share the Gospel with total strangers.

Anyplace Evangelism:

The JESUS volume has been handed out to the local Post Office Manager, a Pharmacist, and a few Tellers at a MNC BANK where we bank; to the local GP during a medical checkup and in one instance to a lawyer while at a Police Station. Some have called us back to ask for the other volumes. We even have a display stand with the JESUS volume stacked at the reception area at our Credit Card Collection Call Center whose office the Foundation shares. Customers coming in to make a payment look at this display stand and many just pick it up. Several have come back asking for the other volumes.

Please become a part of this effort in any way you can. Time is running out and people need to know what the Bible is all about and make up their minds. This is part of the Great Commission that the Bible talks about.

All you need to do is to send a small donation to the Foundation to cover the cost of Printing these volumes and shipping them to you.