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The Bible when presented in a Picture Strip form, makes all the dramatic events and the people of the Bible come alive and also educates us on God's Word.

A Series of 6 books was published jointly by the Lutterworth Press and the Scripture Union in 1974 which covered the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Years of careful research went into the choice of words and the preparation of the illustrations for this series. The result combines complete faithfulness to the Biblical record with instant appeal to all age-groups.

The original size was enlarged to enable better readability of the textual matter and reproduced by the "EMMAUS FOUNDATION" at Chennai, INDIA with permission of the Lutterworth Press.

The objective of the foundation is to create an awareness of the Bible and kindle an interest among people who are yet to be touched by the Holy Word. The hope is that one who reads these books will be encouraged to read the Bible and acquire more in-depth knowledge.

The reason for printing the 5th Volume first is that "Jesus" is the ideal starting point for anybody interested in the Christian faith. The other volumes will be printed in sequence as soon as possible.

Vol.1 - Creation: Genesis 1 to Exodus 19. All the action from "in the beginning" to the flight... in pictures! Click here to view

Vol.2 - Promised Land: Exodus 20 to 1 Samuel 16. Moses, Ten commandments, wanderings, fall of Jericho. Click here to view

Vol.3 - Kings & Prophets: 1 Samuel 16 to 1 Kings 21. Shows David and Goliath, wisdom of Solomon. Click here to view

Vol.4 - The Captivity: 1 Kings 21 to Malachi. Covers the Babylonian captivity, prophecies of Jesus' coming.

Vol.5 - Jesus: Matthew to John. Dramatically shows the birth, teaching, miracles, final triumph of Christ. Click here to view

Vol.6 - The Church: Acts to Rev., with a special section tracing the history of the modern Bible.

Unique Features

  • Designed and written to appeal to all age groups.

  • Comprehensive in nature and covers the entire Bible.

  • Every chapter beings with the reference to the Chapters in the Bible allowing the reader to refer to the Bible for more information.

  • Historical information which are not part of the Bible but related to the stories also included giving the reader a real sense of historical timing of Biblical events.